Ben Picking Courtney Will Be the Final Straw for 'Bachelor' Fans (VIDEO)

courtney robertsonWe're only a few hours away from the season finale of The Bachelor -- and finally knowing whether Ben Flajnik did the unthinkable and picked bad girl Courtney Robertson to be his bride! OMG. Can you believe that this chick has made it this far into the process? She's totally got Ben wrapped around her little finger -- and he seems completely blind to the fact that he's the only person that likes her on the show. But then again, The Bachelor is about finding love, not making friends, right?

Contestants on the show seem to get wackier every season, but Courtney really takes the cake as far as crazy cast members go. Seriously -- what were the producers thinking when they cast her to date Ben? Oh yeah -- there's that little thing called ratings. And over-the-top drama is pretty much reality TV ratings gold.


As the seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette progress, it's getting harder and harder to tell whether these people are actually going on the show to find love, or whether it is all some sort of fake, scripted show that is only meant to entertain viewers and turn virtual nobodys into overnight stars. And the latter will be much more believable if Ben does indeed propose to Courtney tonight instead of sweet and kind-hearted Lindzi Cox. If those two get engaged, it will pretty much give away the show as being totally fake.

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If show producers really cared about generating a genuine love story, then Chris Harrison would've warned Ben about Courtney's evil ways early on in the process -- you know, like right after she took all of her clothes off to go skinny dipping with Ben and clouded his judgement for good. That would've been about the right time to tell him that his Charlie Sheen loving girlfriend was treating the other women on the show like dirt on the bottom of her shoe.

Instead, they let Courtney's big charade go on right until the very end -- and now there's a very good chance that she could wind up as the woman who is engaged to Ben. And if she was playing him the entire time and wasn't truly in love with him like she let on, and producers knew this, then it just goes to show that she was kept around strictly for ratings because of all the controversy she caused.

I understand that ratings are important, but considering how many Bachelor/Bachelorette romances have ended in heartbreak, wouldn't it make sense for them to cast people who are truly compatible, and genuinely want to find true love? If this process actually started working, people would start believing in the show again, and ratings would be even higher than they are now. But then again -- they obviously have no interest in creating real love connections, because this season is shaping up to prove that nothing on the show is real. It's all a facade -- and we're all addicted enough to keep buying into the charade.

Good grief. Courtney broke down in tears on the "Women Tell All" special, and even that little display seemed fake, which you can see in the video clip below.


Do you think that Ben will pick Courtney or Lindzi tonight?


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