Does ‘Bachelor’ Villain Courtney Look Better Than Lindzi in Dark, Stormy Gown?

bachelor finaleTonight's the night we find out who Bachelor Ben Flajnik chooses to be his future ex-wife. Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson, our two lovely finalists, are vying for Ben's affection, even though he's a total dud with the sex appeal of a child's homemade mitten. He with his butt-cut and they in their dresses, the final rose ceremony is a time to both reflect on their relationships and, of course, their outfits. Ben's been comparing Lindzi and Courtney all season long, so one last head to head competition just seems natural.

To that end, we've gotten a sneak peek at the gowns that both Lindz and Court will wear tonight and it's time we decided, oh yes, who looks better. The Possessionista got the scoop that Lindzi is wearing a feathered Todashi Shoji gown with her hair half up, half down, and that Courtney's donning a black Alberto Makali dress with elbow-high black leather gloves and hair parted down the middle. Let's discuss.


Lindzi. Hmm. I like it. I don't love it, but I really like it. I've always been a fan of navy and black together and I think it's fitted to her like a dream. The only problem is that I think the tube top part looks a little cheesy set against the Alpine background and her hair looks, I don't know, a little cheap, as in, not sophisticated. Enough with the poofed bangs, already. Enough.

Courtney, on the other hand, went for a straight up costume. The dress she chose so literally matches her evil queen personality, the only thing missing is a poison apple in her right hand. I have to give the stylist and/or costume designer credit here for putting this dress on the rack for Courtney to choose. It's so wonderfully dark and something an icy bitch would totally love and totally wear to accept her glittering prize. Question, though. Do you think she'll take off the glove to accept the ring, or have Ben jam it on over it?

So best dressed? Courtney. It's so her. Well played, Robertson, you win again.

Watch Courtney break down during "Girls Tell All," just for kicks and giggles:



Who do you think looks better in her finale dress?


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