‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Just Can’t Say No

Jenelle EvansLet's see, it's been, what? Four whole days since we were talking about Jenelle Evans and allegations of criminal behavior? It seems like it's time for something new. And yup, here we go!

Jenelle's former boss -- and the guy who had charges filed against the Teen Mom 2 star for cyberstalking -- is telling the tabloids that she can't seem to kick her drug habit after all. James Duffy is facing cyberstalking charges filed by Jenelle, and he's filed some against her -- meaning he's not the most credible of witnesses. But Jenelle only has herself to blame that we're willing to take him seriously.


Remember, Jenelle is supposed to be on probation for a marijuana possession arrest during her Reefer Kieffer days. That means no pot, no alcohol, nothing. She even got into a fancy schmancy rehab free of charge to "help" keep her clean. So Duffy's claims that he's watched her take Ecstasy, snort Adderall, and get blitzed on E&J brandy are all pretty damning. That's the kind of stuff that could get her sent to prison for a probation violation if police find any of it is true.

But Jenelle is not exactly known for sticking with anything. There are the drug tests she has already failed -- several of them -- giving us ample evidence that she's had a hard time following court orders. Or how about that huge girl fight she was in last year ... soon after a judge had told her to keep her nose clean?

And on Monday, she vowed she was going to steer clear of Twitter for an entire month. She lasted a day. One day! And obsessive though we may be about our Internet fixations, it's hard to argue that typing 140 characters or less has quite the addictive qualities of the illegal substances Duffy is talking about.

If she can't stay away from that, how can we expect that she's really fighting the darker, deeper demons?

Image via MTV

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