Ellen DeGeneres Hilariously Spoofs 'The Bachelor' Women (VIDEO)

If you're like me, you're still nursing your migraine after watching The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. Between the screaming, the catfights, the eye-rolls, the tears ... that was two hours of my life that I'll never get back.

But then I saw a much better version of the episode ... one that stars Ellen DeGeneres. And let's just say my opinion completely changed. Move over, Courtney Robertson, it looks like we've got a new Bachelor diva on our hands.

Watch and see Ellen take the hot seat in this hilarious Bachelor spoof:


Oh Ellen, you slay me. This is pure genius.

While perfectly mastering the "Courtney face" and mocking the army of bickering girls, this video can turn even the most brokenhearted frown upside-down. It's pretty refreshing to be able to laugh about it because normally the show is ... so ... damn ... serious. After all, according to Chris Harrison, this is the most dramatic season in Bachelor history! (Yeah, just like last season and the season before that.)

I think the best part was when Blakeley Shea asked Ellen why she would call her a stripper, to which Ellen responded:

I did not call you a stripper ... I don't know if there was music playing or something that you didn't hear me ... I said, could you get me a swiffer? That mansion was so filthy dirty. And I said swiffer, please.

Classic! This just officially bumped my other favorite Bachelor video to second place.

How funny was this video? Do you think Ellen should continue to spoof The Bachelor?

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