If ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Can’t Even Pee in a Cup, Why Bother With Rehab?

Amber PortwoodIt looks like Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has done the impossible. Rumor has it she's managed to miss a required drug test. Now the mother of little Leah will have to sit and wait until a judge decides if that's reason enough to send her to prison for the next five years -- the cost of failing at rehab. But there's another big question dangling out here y'all.


I know I'm being harsh here, but the more that comes out about Amber, the more it seems like this girl excels at getting her own way. There's only so much that can be blamed on MTV, fame, and the pressure of being a teenage mother. At some point, someone has to take responsibility for their own life.

Amber is responsible for peeing in a cup once a day, and TMZ says she was too busy to make it on Monday. It almost sounds like we should feel bad for her, right? Poor little Amber couldn't make it to go take a urine test, and now the big mean judge is going to penalize her for it -- possibly with five years doing hard time, away from her daughter and everyone who loves her. Awww. Boo hoo.

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But let's get real: this is not like missing a dentist appointment or showing up late for your haircut. It's not the kind of thing you just randomly forget to reschedule if you can't make it.

There isn't exactly much on her schedule right now that could get in the way either. Amber doesn't have a job to go to right now. She's living in Sister 2 Sister Ministries, a halfway house that specializes in reentry and outreach to women returning to community from jail or prison. She's got a case manager. She's subject to random house checks. And did I mention the threat of five years in prison if she screws this thing up dangling over her head?

If Amber can screw up this badly, I have to say it ... she has much bigger problems than what might or might not have been in her urine. Jail may just be the only option left.

What do you think should be done with Amber now?

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