'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Debunks Spoilers & Gets Us Thinking

Chris Harrison is a dirty, dirty tease. Every time I think I am over The Bachelor and I know all that the season has to offer me (largely thanks to online spoilers), he comes along with "it's not what you think." And dang, I buy it every time!

Harrison may be telling the truth this time, too.

The rumor mill is churning about Ben Flajnik and who he picks. The consensus is generally that he picks Courtney Robertson, the hated model and skinny-dipper whose conspicuous use of the past tense -- "I cared about Ben" -- on the Women Tell All special has tongues wagging. Might Lindzi be the choice?


Harrison has promised us some kind of big twist, saying:

Between the finale and the After the Final Rose special, it's going to be very different than any of the tabloids and fans think. All I will say is, let's sit back, take it all in, maybe take a night to sleep on it, and then let's go to Twitter and go to town.

Oh Chris, you have drawn me in again. How could I miss it? Since the dawn of The Bachelor back in 2003, Harrison has promised us that things would be "the most shocking ever" and here he is doing it again. And here I am buying it.

Why am I so willing to buy what Harrison is peddling? What does that say about me?

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My guess is that Bachelor Ben picks no one. We have had some twists in the past, so maybe this is like Jason Mesnick, where he picks Courtney and then chooses Lindzi instead. Or maybe it's the other way around.

Maybe this is just Harrison's way of saying Courtney is a much nicer girl than the tabloids are making her out to be. Whatever the explanation, it will have us all tuning in without fail. This show is so inexplicably popular. Or maybe it makes sense.

Maybe every season, against our better judgement and all the evidence to the contrary, we WANT to believe there will be massive, unseen-before drama. We want to believe that amidst the drama, there will be love.

We are all fools with a TV set. Who cares. Sign me up!

What do you think Harrison means by "it's not what you think"?


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