Tim Tebow’s Wrong for ‘The Bachelor’ But Kris Humphries Is So Right

Kris HumphriesTim Tebow had us all a little worried yesterday with rumors that he'd told The Bachelor host Chris Harrison he'd actually take his mate-finding process to the TV screen. But the Denver Broncos quarterback has ever so kindly allowed us to start breathing again. Tebow will never be The Bachelor.

Phewwww! Now that Tebow's cleared that up for us, we can finally talk about the sports star the folks at ABC should be angling for. Come on, isn't it obvious?


Kris Humphries would make a much better bachelor than Tim Tebow! The New Jersey Nets power forward is kind of cute (if you go for the curly haired-type). He's rich. He spends enough time in the tabloids being catty that it's obvious he'd be much more devious (aka reality TV-worthy) than the sweet Christian Tebow. And need we remind the entire world that he's very, very single these days?

If you're worried that his 72-day marriage and explosive split from his famous ex might count him out, don't. The former Mr. Kim Kardashian wouldn't be the first contestant to hit up the show for a post-divorce rebound. Single dad Jason Mesnick tried it out, and it worked. He's now married to Molly Malaney, the runner-up from his season on the show. This could be Humphries' ticket to true love and happily ever after.

And the match would go both ways -- it would be a big win for the producers of The Bachelor to snag this star. Think about it! He's already accustomed to being on a reality TV show, so they don't have to deal with some newbie who they have to train to be on camera. He's got the Kardashian-associated fame that will draw more viewers. And if Mike Fleiss wants to put charges of racism behind him -- the show has never had a non-white guy in the lead role of looking for love -- well, the biracial Humphries is a good start.

If Tebow won't do The Bachelor, who better to take his place than Kris Humphries? Do you have a better suggestion?


Image via Bryan Horowitz/Flickr

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