Jionni LaValle: 9 Ways Snooki’s Boo Is the Anti-Vinny

snooki and jionniHe’s the man who tamed one of America’s most notorious party girls -- Jionni LaValle is now officially engaged to Snooki and the father of her unborn child! In an exclusive for US Weekly, Snooki tells us she won’t be joining the cast of Jersey Shore this summer. Instead she’ll be quietly incubating that little meatball inside her and planning a wedding for after the baby is born.

So who is this Jionni, and what made him the special man to sweep Snooki off her feet? He’s the kind of man to make Snooki’s parents proud, a good Italian-American boy who’s buff and manly, but not an obnoxious juicehead like the other Jersey Shore guys (ahem, Vinny). Here are 9 things we know about Snooki’s Boo.

  1. How did Snookie and Jionni meet? Jionni made his first appearance during Season 3 of the Jersey Shore when he and his family came to rescue his sister Gina from the juicehead clutches of Vinny. Snooki and Jionni started dating shortly after that.
  2. Jionni waited for Snooki while she went to Florence for Season 4. They stayed together -- er, well, mostly.
  3. Jionni is pronounced GEE-aw-nee, and there’s nothing Italian about that spelling. Just some good old-fashioned American eccentric spelling.
  4. Jionni is a children’s wrestling coach working on a teaching degree so he can become a gym teacher.
  5. He’s a Miami Dolphins fan.
  6. He loves pickles, just like his fiance -- he’s even made Snooki pickles pancakes!
  7. Snooki wasn’t so sure about him at first because he “wasn’t a typical gorilla” or juicehead like the other Jersey Shore regulars.
  8. He’s gone on vacation with Snooki’s family to Pennsylvania and Disney World and the family loves him. Dad approves!
  9. He is so not into the celebrity scene. Snooki says, “He doesn't give a [expletive] about [the celebrity].”

Maybe Snooki fell for him because he’s more the “strong and silent” type who lets her be who she is, but also makes her feel safe and grounded. Awww! Well good luck, you two crazy kids! We wish you the best.

What else are you wondering about Jionni LaValle?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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