'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra's Loyalty Is Suspect

Real Housewive of Orange CountyIs it me, or does it seem like Tamra Barney is just trying to piss off Vicki Gunvalson these days on The Real Housewives of Orange County? From freaking out about her boyfriend Eddie Judge and Vicki flirting and retaliating by making Vicki's man, Brooks Ayers grab her boob, to courting Gretchen Rossi as her new BFF, to tonight's shenanigans, she seems hell bent on driving Vicki away. Maybe it's not a conscious effort, but at some point soon, Vicki is going to blow, especially given all the other pressure she's under. She got close tonight.

Even after Slade called her fat and compared her to the Michelin Man, Tamra was quick to forgive Gretchen. That I could understand, commend her for even. But when a mullet-sporting Slade walked into the 80s Bunco party -- at Tamra's invitation-- I think Vicki was totally justified in questioning where her loyalties lie.


Yes, she said she was going to kill him with kindness, but I fail to see how inviting him to her party is going to do that. I also fail to see to see how she -- hot head that she is -- isn't going to attack him. Maybe we'll see that next week when the "mullet of truth comes," but for now, Tamra's weird calm and forgiving demeanor seems suspect. Also, I wonder if she even invited Brooks.

At the very least, Tamra owed it to Vicki to tell her that Slade was coming -- which she clearly didn't. After they trashed and bashed him for his "comedy" that poked fun at both of them, that was the least she could have done.

The other thing to note in tonight's episode is just how incredibly, irritatingly, insipid Alexis Bellino really is. For awhile I thought it was perhaps in the editing, and that maybe she wasn't really as bad as she seems. But the more I see of Jesus Barbie, the worse she gets.

First there was her breakdown at the plastic surgeon's office over her nose job. Even he, who has performed tens of thousands of procedures, seemed baffled by her bizarre overreaction to the procedure. "My God girl, you’re just having a nose job,” he told her.

I won't comment on her totally vain primping and preening around her in slutty Madonna outfit other than to offer up the '80s phrase, "gag me with a spoon." I can't, however, let slide the comment she made while rolling and kissing the dice in the most annoying manner I've ever seen anyone rub dice. Ever.

"That was because the lordie said this is not a bad game," she said after rolling what she wanted.

Yes, she really referred to the man upstairs as "the lordie." I don't even know what to do with that. I was so stunned, I couldn't even adequately get up the energy to mockingly laugh when she put Nipple Nibbler on her lips because she thought it was gloss.

Who said bunco was boring?

Do you think Tamra should have invited Slade to the party? Do you think Alexis is as irritating as I do?

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