Ben Flajnik Is the 'Bachelor' Villain, Not Courtney Robertson

ben flajnikAfter coming off as incredibly boring, dull, and kind of uncaring during this entire season of The Bachelor, I really hoped that Ben Flajnik would show off a hidden sweet-guy side on the Bachelor Women Tell All Special last night that would make all of us understand why in the hell these women are so ga-ga over him in the first place.

But alas, nothing with Bachelor Ben has changed -- including his pathetic excuse for a hairstyle. (Can you believe he didn't get it cut after filming ended?) Ben actually came off as the total opposite of being a gentleman on last night's show. He was cold, indifferent, and incredibly arrogant with the poor women who fell madly in love with him. And while Courtney Robertson has been labeled as the villain on the show up until this point, it is now clear that Ben is the true bad guy. Courtney actually looks almost sweet compared to him. He's like the cocky ex-boyfriend that you want to forget about -- but can't.


Take for example how he handled his conversation with Nicki Sterling, whose heart he obviously broke into tiny pieces after sending her home right after the overnight dates. The first thing that Nicki did last night when she had a chance to speak to him was to tell him what a wonderful man she thought he was -- even though they didn't wind up together.

And instead of returning Nicki's compliments and showering her with a bit of highly deserved praise (which is what any decent man in his right mind would do), Ben nodded his head, licked his lips a few times, and then told her that while she's "incredible and nurturing", he just didn't know what went wrong between them. Yeah -- that's a really clear answer, and one that every girl who's been dumped wants to hear.

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Or how about the way he seemed to basically ignore poor, sweet Kacie Boguskie? Don't you think that Ben could've found it in his heart to go up and give her a hug and tell her that any guy would be lucky to have her and that there are plenty of men out there who aren't scared and intimidated by her super-strict southern Daddy?

On previous seasons of The Bachelor, whenever the Women Tell All Special rolls around, the Bachelor in question always gets incredibly charming and genuine when it's his turn in the hot seat. He always makes a point to make each of the women feel special, and reiterate the fact that they didn't do anything wrong, and that they are all lovely, desirable ladies who deserve to find true love with the right man. Why couldn't Ben forget about his ego for five seconds and do the same with the women from his season? It's like he didn't ever care about any of them at all and was only on the show for the publicity or something like that. Huh. Maybe that's the real reason that he's been single for so long in the first place.

Do you think that Ben is actually a nicer guy in real life than how he portrays himself on TV?


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