'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Is Obviously Not Ready for Real Love

All season, something about Bachelor Ben Flajnik has rubbed me the wrong way. Finally, Monday night, during the Women Tell All, it all made sense. It's not his hair (though that is atrocious), nor is it his frat boy sensibility and inability to really connect with the women. In fact, what Flajnik's problem is proves he won't marry for a long, long time.

Ben Flajnik is not ready for commitment.

It's one of those throw-around psychology things women love to throw around about men who don't want to marry, but in this case, it's true. Think about how he treated Emily, probably the only "full package" woman on the show. She was smart, she was gorgeous, she could hold her own. And she went home.


There was also Shawntel who was clearly into him enough to follow up on their connection and take a big chance on him. She had the courage to face the wrath of the women but Ben didn't.

Most of the time, he is too busy stumbling around with a goofy expression on his face that seems to say: "Wow, I can't believe all these hot women want me."

On Monday night, we were reminded of his first reaction to Courtney, which was utter shock at her beauty. Throughout the season, he has proven time and again with her that what he really wants is a good roll in the sack with a hottie.

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He is a bit like Matt Grant, the English Bachelor from a few seasons ago, who ultimately chose the very young Shayne Lamas as his fiance. The whole time it was fairly obvious he chose her for her looks only.

The thing is, it's fine to be in it for that reason, but it's also a little disgusting when you consider the amount of sex these guys have. Producer Mike Fleiss says the average Bachelor has sex with three women per show. That's pretty gross, no?

Honestly, what man wouldn't want to do this? Of course they want ABC to set them up with hot women they can bang. But please don't lie to the public and tell us it's about love. Love has something to do with looks, but not everything. Love has something to do with sex, but not everything.

Love is not on this show and love is not what Flajnik is looking for.

Do you think Ben wants love?


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