'Bachelor' Recap: Only Mean Girls Would Gang Up on Courtney Like That

The Bachelor Women Tell All for Ben Flajnik's season might have done better to be called the Let's All Make Courtney Feel Like Crap and Cry episode. After all, that is pretty much how it went down.

Sure, there was the obligatory interviews with Kacie B. and Nicki, but mostly this was the Courtney show and when 20+ women are making one other woman cry, you have to think that is a little unfair, no?

I don't care how much you like (or don't like) Courtney, the ratio was not fair and, of course, rather than keep the final two at home like usual, this Women Tell All episode brought Courtney out for the public stoning. Personally, I am Team Courtney after that nonsense.


The other girls can spin it however they want, but the fact is, they treated Courtney badly and they should be ashamed. Blakeley had a legitimate bone to pick and handled it well, but some of the other girls -- Emily I am looking at you -- were just plain mean spirited.

I hate to tell you but if it looks like a bully, talks like a bully and gangs up like a bully, then it's probably a bully. Here's a secret: When it is 20 against one, it is bullying and it is wrong. No matter what you want to believe, that is the truth.

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The way these women treated both Shawntel was also disgusting and despicable. They were making fun of her looks, her family, her thighs and more. It was disgusting and so mean and so repulsive.

At that point, the women got no sympathy from me. You can't make fun of women and be so cruel and catty and then expect people to feel badly for you that you were treated unfairly. They seem to be able to dish it, but not take it. You don't want to be called ugly? Don't call someone ugly! Don't want to be made fun of for being too talkative? Don't make fun of someone else. It is a fairly simple equation and something we all learned in Kindergarten.

Erika, the law student was a classic example of this. She went off on Courtney for being rude to others and meanwhile SHE was the one, when Shawntel walked into the room, who was the first to call her ugly. How is that classy or sophisticated or worldly?

All the looks those women gave when they learned Courtney was there made it clear. All these women KNEW what they were doing was wrong. They made Courtney sob. Did that make them feel good and big and string? They are disgusting and catty. They represent everything that is ugly about females.

Courtney is no hero, but these women are no better. They are the reason people don't like women.

Did you think the women were too catty?


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