‘Smash’ Recap: Crazy Showbiz Pressure Makes Everyone Naughty (VIDEO)

smash ivy marilynWell everyone was on their worst behavior tonight for the "Let's Be Bad" episode. And it wasn't always fun-bad, either. Ivy is already starting to crumble under the strain of carrying a Broadway show as its star and carrying on an affair with the director. As Billy Joel would sing it, PRESSURE!

But one thing wasn't bad tonight: The musical numbers, of course. I loved them both. But even the songs were all about being naughty.


Okay, well, as I get started here, I feel like I'm overseeing a bar after a big party, and it's a hot, broken-glasses mess! Let's start with how Derek is toying with his leading ladies. Now he's asking Karen to shine and coming down harder on Ivy. He's like the U.S. Marines, breaking down his actresses and building them back up into new women. Or something like that.

He makes Karen give Ivy a singing lesson -- which Ivy finds horribly humiliating, not that she's ever let Karen know in a straight-forward way, anyway. Instead she puts on the kind of ridiculous bravado you'd expect from a woman who is desperately threatened. It makes me so sad and disappointed to see Ivy so insecure!

Ivy does deliver a stellar line, though. "I'm a grown-up, and I know what I bring to the party." Ooh, I am so using that line in real life! Someday. When I'm a grown-up.

Meanwhile, Tom is hanging out with the hot lawyer his mom set him up with. Great taste, Mom! But why are things moving so slowly with them? "So are we never having sex, or ...?" asks the lawyer. Yeah, Tom, what's the deal? And then when they finally do have sex it's "bad sex" -- ha ha, get it? Gays never get to have great sex on TV unless they die after, so we're keeping these two alive through un-sexy sex. (Oh fine, I know this is changing, but that just makes this bad sex scene all the more retro.)

Julia's son has been caught sort-of-not-really-almost smoking pot. Cute lawyer gets him out of jail, and Julia has a serious talk with him. Yup, he inhales every once in a while. He's a bad boy. And just watch him get serious about the pipe after he sees his mom ... but that comes later.

Meanwhile, back in Karen and (snore) Dev's world, we find out that Dev's favorite pal, Times reporter "RJ," is actually a very attractive and wily-looking woman. Yay Dev, you'll have someone to fall back on when Karen finally starts sleeping with Derek! If -- I meant to say if, of course. And we also find out that Derek is up for the job of Press Secretary, but he has some (yawn) mystery rival from Washington, D.C. 

Back in rehearsals Ivy is increasingly rattled. But she finally pulls her shit together to deliver an electrifying performance as a doped-up Marilyn singing "Let's Be Bad." See some of it below -- I loved it. Ivy at her best! But then when it's all over Derek leaves without a word -- and Ivy is back to rattled and defensive.

Then we have this insufferable scene with Dev where Karen bitches and moans about Ivy, bla bla bla. "I always looked down on girls who were all about being sexy." Which isn't PRUDISH OR JUDGY AT ALL, now is it Karen?!? Fortunately after Dev leaves, she pulls the stick out of her behind and tries on sexy for herself. Kind of fun, isn't it, Karen? That's what I thought. She uses that flirty at a dinner party to find out who Dev's rival is. Which is very good of her.

Ivy shows up at Derek's door, all needy like a cold, wet dog. She complains that he acts like he doesn't have feelings for her, and Derek says, OF COURSE NOT, I am an artist (who does not give "I am an artist" speeches except when I do) and I am building something serious here so we will only think of Marilyn while we're rehearsing. Oh, but as long as you're here, care for a shag? Of course she does. 

Through this whole episode Julia and Michael (former lover alert, former lover alert!) have been playing footsie with each other. Julia tries so hard to stay strong and fend off Michael's advances and almost sends him off in a car -- but then he comes back for a big kiss. Which her son sees! Oh no. What I said earlier about hitting the pipe? So happening for this poor kid. 

Next week: Ivy takes drugs, Julia takes her clothes off with Frank! More bad behavior, more musical numbers. Yes!

Who was the "baddest" in tonight's episode?


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