'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Could Go a Month Without an Arrest -- Just Not This One

Jenelle Evans mugshotI have a really crazy idea. How about we go one entire month without Jenelle Evans getting in trouble! Who's with me?

Think it can't happen? Sigh. You're probably right. I mean, it's only March 5, and the Teen Mom 2 star has already blown it for us with her visit to the jail in Brunswick County, North Carolina this morning. But there's hope yet!


The charge that sent Jenelle to the courthouse this morning -- she apparently turned herself in after a trip to New York City for a Teen Mom reunion special -- is awfully fishy. Evans was booked on a misdemeanor charge of cyberstalking. If it sounds familiar, maybe that's because Jace's mom has been embroiled in a cyberstalking battle of her own. Back in January, she had charges filed against one-time boss James Duffy for allegedly doing it to her.

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Soooooo, any guesses who had her arrested? Ding, ding, ding! Duffy is pointing the finger right back at Jenelle! And the plot thickens!

We don't know who is doing what here, but gosh darnit, I'm going to look on the positive. At the very least, this stinks of some tit for tat. There's actually room here to say "eh, maybe she's not the monster." When it comes to Jenelle, that's a major improvement!

Not to mention the judge in Brunswick County apparently didn't think it was that big a deal -- she was allowed out of jail on just $1,000 bail, easy money to put up when you're making MTV bank. Nothing will really happen until she faces Duffy in court on March 23. 

And how about this bit of good news? Jenelle told her Twitter followers that she's giving up the online medium -- for a month at least. Gasp, could she actually be taking her current charges seriously enough to try to straighten up and make the courts happy!

Here's hoping anyway! What's your read on Jenelle lately? Is she getting it together?

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