Evil Courtney's Sweet Girl Act May Fool Ben, But We're Not Buying It

courtney robertsonOMG. Is anyone else totally appalled by the whole "sweet girl" act that Courtney Robertson put on for Bachelor Ben Flajnik during the overnight dates this week? Wait a minute -- of course you're rolling your eyes at it -- because pretty much every single Bachelor fan in America is doing the same thing. Her pathetic little attempt at trying to disguise the fact that she's a complete nut-job isn't fooling anyone -- well, except Ben.

Seriously -- how many of the other women have to tell him that she's playing a game instead of trying to find a husband, and that she will ultimately break his heart before he comes to the realization that there is way more to Courtney than meets the eye? Her whole "I'm the victim/sweet girl" act is clearly winning Ben over, which actually makes him look even more crazy than she presents herself to be.


For the life of me, I just can't figure out what exactly Ben sees in Courtney, aside from her pouty mouth, perky boobs, and seemingly perfect naked body. Wait a minute -- now I get it. He's a dude, and dudes dig all of the physical stuff so much that it can really cloud their judgement sometimes. That has to be what is going on here, and if it is, then I'll give Ben a break and assume he's just really shallow instead of a complete and total idiot. But if he's really dumb enough to think that she's a sweetheart who was misjudged by all of the other women in the house, then I just can't feel sorry for him if he does get his heart broken. That is, of course, if she's the woman he winds up picking at the end.

And regardless of whether or not she actually is engaged to Ben at this point, Courtney didn't waste any time in trying on wedding gowns to get ready for the big day that she may or may not be having. Of course, producers could have urged her to do so to throw viewers off a bit, or she could've been visiting a bridal salon for one of her modeling gigs. But if she wasn't trying those dresses on for one of those two reasons, then it just adds more evidence to the fact that she's crazy. What girl in their right mind lets the whole world see them in a gown before the big day?

And that brings us to the shirt that she's wearing in this particular photo. Love potion no. 9? Maybe that's some sort of subtle hint that she slipped Ben a mickey in order to get him to keep her instead of Nicki Sterling at the last rose ceremony? Huh. That would definitely explain a few things.

Do you think that Ben will ever finally see Courtney's true colors?


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