'Bachelor' Courtney's Gorgeous Wedding Dress Will Sit in a Closet

courtney robertsonLet's just state the obvious for a second here -- everyone knows that Bachelor Ben Flajwhatever and that psycho Courtney Robertson are not going to get married. He may choose her as the winner, but there's no way in hell they're walking down no aisle. Frankly, I can't wait to watch the After the Final Rose show; it's going to be pure genius. Anyway, the fact that crazy Courtney's not getting a wedding hasn't stopped her from trying on, you know, wedding dresses. The attention-loving model was spotted in West Hollywood getting fitted into a white, feathered, mermaid-style gown.

And "spotted" is being friendly. She couldn't have made her outing more obvious -- posing in front of windows, posing for pictures, posing, posing, posing. Did ya guys know she's a model?

Her shameless antics aside, let's talk about her dress.


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It's really pretty. She looks fantastic. It hugs her body in all the right ways, and though I'm usually not a fan of mermaid-cuts, I think Courtney pulls it off. I do wonder what she looks like walking in that thing -- looks more than a little restricting. I feel like one step and she could topple over.

Even though Courtney is coo-coo, I have to hand it to her, I really like her style. When she's wearing clothes, that is. She's kind of naked a lot. Anyway, she usually looks really good and not at all like she's going to junior prom, which most of the other contestants do. If I see another primary color satin dress that hits above the knee, I will scream.

Courtney actually left the shop with a garment bag, leading us to believe that she purchased a wedding dress, but who knows, really. And who cares. She ain't marryin' Ben (again-ish). Maybe she's going to marry herself? Because she loves herself that much? Ugh. Whatever the case may be, she'll look good doing it because girl would look good in a paper sack.

What do you think of Courtney's wedding dress?


Photo via Splash News

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