'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Latest Custody Challenge Could Be Best Thing for Son

Jenelle Evans Andrew LewisWhat would a day in America be without another Jenelle Evans scandal? The star of MTV's reality series Teen Mom 2 might be facing yet another challenge to reclaiming custody of son Jace. Are you ready for this? It's a doozy!

British tabloid The Daily Mail claims Evans' ex-boyfriend, Andrew Lewis, who hasn't really been seen since her 16 & Pregnant days when she dumped his alcoholic behind, has supposedly forced a paternity test to prove that he's really her baby daddy. Strange considering how absent he's been, right? So why does this tabloid rumor sound like it's got some meat behind it?


The way the Mail tells it, it's so Lewis, who is trying to get a modeling career going, can prove once and for all that Jace is his -- not the child of some dude named Stephen Fullerwood, who Jenelle allegedly also slept with just weeks before learning she was pregnant. The tabloid says he'll be able to leverage this news to try to get custody away from Jenelle's mom, Barbara Evans. Kind of out of left field for a guy who has been seemingly non-existent in the kid's life -- at least as far as the reality show is concerned.

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But there is the possibility! "Reality" is a word we use sparingly with these type of shows after all. And Jenelle herself let loose something interesting in an attempt to slam her ex. She claims Andrew is some $3,000 behind on his child support. Not the sign of a great dad, sure, but if he's got a court order to pay support, that means Lewis did NOT sign off on his rights to Jace -- which is more or less what it's seemed like on MTV, hasn't it? Ironically, it actually supports the smack Andrew's talked in the tabloids over the years, that he really wants to be involved in Jace's life in some way.

Ahhhh, the plot thickens!

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I'd actually like to think that this little boy's father is taking some initiative and trying to be more to Jace than a sperm donor. Every kid deserves a chance at having his (or her) mom and dad in their lives -- whether they've got custody or not.

A kid can never have too much love, right?


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