Heartless 'Smash' Is Teaching Ivy the High Cost of Stardom (VIDEO)

smash 4Hey fans, are you ready to get Smashed? So how are things working out between Ivy, cast in the dream role of Marilyn Monroe, and her director, Derek? Well, about how you'd expect. Last week we saw her fretting that she got that role for the wrong reasons -- and wondering why Derek never has her over to his place. Hm... Meanwhile, it looks like Derek is still keeping Karen in his back pocket, just in case! She's got a place in the ensemble and it sure looks like Derek still has his eyes on her. It ain't over yet between Karen and Ivy!

"This is a workshop," Derek says ominously at the first rehearsal. "The road to Broadway is exceedingly long." He casts a meaningful look at the cast -- and we know this contest for the role of Marilyn is far from over.


Before we move on, I just need to get something out of the way. Nick Jonas: Insert Julia's snore here.

Okay, back to the real story. It's not lost on Ivy that she's still got a rival to deal with. She may "have" the role, but it sure seems like Karen is still competing: OH HAI I'M THE GIRL WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN MARILYN DO YOU SEE ME?!? Quiet down, Karen, you're not the star. And so Ivy kept complaining, and Derek kept moving Karen to the back -- or worse, out of whole numbers altogether. Harsh treatment for Karen. Or was it?

Watching the reaction on GetGlue I could see everyone suddenly turning on Ivy. She's a diva trying to nudge Karen out! But I think Ivy was just doing what she has to do to protect her precarious position. And Karen was wrong to keep trying to stand out. Even without Ivy's "diva act" that's a pretty quick way for an ensemble member to get herself booted off stage by the director.

Thankfully, a few members of the ensemble eventually point this out to Karen. She needs to be more of a team player -- the end. And so, in an unbelievably short time, she gets a little crew of BFFs. They stage an intervention and we get to watch them sing and dance to Adele -- while Ivy sings "Never Met a Wolf Who Didn't Love to Howl" at a party. Yes, finally some full-length numbers! Did I mention there isn't enough singing and dancing in this show?

If you saw the preview to next week's episode you know what's coming: Another shakeup! Is Ivy faltering under pressure -- and will they replace her with Karen so soon? At the end of tonight's episode Derek gets another one of the key lines. Ivy, after accusing him of flirting with another woman (c'mon Ivy, he's not your boyfriend, you're just sleeping together) says, "I just want to feel safe." "Then go back to being in chorus," Derek says. "There's nothing safe about being a star." Zing!

Does Ivy have what it takes to be a star, or is she too insecure and needy?


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