Emma Stone’s Goofball Act Was a Breath of Fresh Air at the Oscars (VIDEO)

emma stoneDid you watch the 84th Annual Academy Awards last night? And if you did, were you trying your very hardest not to totally nod off in the middle of it? Because even though the Oscars is always super-fun to watch (mainly to check out what everyone's wearing), last night's show seemed to be lacking a bit in the entertainment department.

A lot of the presenters just seemed sort of dry. Or was that just me? Of course, when Emma Stone came out to present with Ben Stiller, the mood in the room definitely lightened up a bit. Because Emma was just a complete and total breath of fresh air in the midst of what was turning out to be a pretty stuffy night.


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Granted, Oscar presenters have tried to be funny in the past, but oftentimes it just doesn't work. Some actors usually wind up being either way too cheesy or way too harsh on whoever it is they are trying to make fun of -- often to the point of it being a little bit painful to see. And don't even get me started on Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Those two are in a class by themselves.

Emma, on the other hand, gave Ben a hard time about his appearance without coming across as being demeaning or too cutesy. And you've gotta love the fact that she was totally towering over Ben in those heels of hers. I even tweeted out that in that moment, Ben Stiller must have known how Tom Cruise feels standing next to Katie Holmes. Maybe they can bond together or have a little guy time in the future or something to that effect.

You can catch more of Emma's funny interaction with Ben in the video clip below. Isn't she adorable?

Did you find the Oscars a bit boring last night?


Image via yshrael5/YouTube

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