'Jersey Shore' Recap: Snooki & Vinny Are a Skanky Version of Ross & Rachel

Snooki and VinnyIf there was any question that Jersey Shore has jumped the shark, had its run, and flat out just needs to be done, tonight’s episode pretty much sealed it. I don't think there was any question, but just in case. There have been plenty of more shocking episodes for sure, but what we saw tonight was depressing in its monotony of immorality and need for dumb stunts to fill the hour.

The guys have the whole pickup game down to a science, and actual girls randomly walk up to them and announce that they’re DTF (yep, her name was Stephanie, and I weep for her parents). Then they f*ck them (calling it something cute like “smoosh” doesn’t change what it really is), round them up, and send them all off in a cab so they can get a good night's sleep ... so they can wake up and do it all again. I have to imagine it's getting a little dull even for them.


In the meantime Deena and Snooki channeled Laverne and Shirley while trying to get into any and every kind of trouble they could. Like taking a raft out onto the windy ocean, which of course ended with them in the ocean; and then hopping a fence and swimming in the ocean only to be escorted out by police. It was too scripted to be truly funny, though Lola the stripper/prostitute bunny at Karma was semi-amusing.

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Really, the only thing worth even discussing this week happened in the last few minutes, and it’s an old discussion at that: Do Snooki and Vinny belong together? They’ve hooked up in the past, and when the alcohol starts flowing, you can see some remaining chemistry there – like we did tonight as they bar hopped on the boardwalk in broad daylight. As Vinny said, they are the Ross and Rachel of the house. On a skeevier, skankier scale, I suppose they are.

I’m not quite as enthusiastic about Vinny and Snooki as I was Ross and Rachel, but I must admit they seem sweet together at times. In some ways it could be the perfect relationship after all they’ve been through together. Perhaps they’re the only ones who could truly understand and accept each other’s past.

While Jionni is sweet, and Snooki claims she wants to marry him, from my couch the chemistry between her and Vinny is much hotter. Also, seeing them dance together, pretending to be old and reminiscing about their Jersey Shore days did evoke some sweet sentiments.

If for no other reason, I’d love to see Snooki and Vinny get together just because it would burn Mike up. He clearly still has feelings for Snooki. While probing her about her relationship with Jionni, he said:

I think he's a nice kid. I just don't think he's established as a man yet, you know what I mean, to take care of you. That's all.


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I don’t, however, see a Vinny-Snooki coupledom happening anytime soon ... at least not in any long-term committed way. A night in the smoosh room maybe for now. As Vinny said when they left the bar, "I’m not going to lie, I got my finger on the trigger, who knows what’s going to happen when we get home.”

Previews indicate that Mike might finally make his big reveal to Jionni next week about him and Snooki. If that’s the case, it should at least be more exciting than tonight’s episode.

Do you think Snooki and Vinny belong together?

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