Star Jones’ Return to ‘The View’ Was an Awkward Therapy Session (VIDEO)

starjonesviewYou know when you get in a big fight with one of your girlfriends, and you stop talking for a while, but then you get thrown together years later at a baby shower or something and you feel compelled to clear the air immediately so everyone can go back to breathing again? That was Star Jones on The View yesterday.

You may recall -- or maybe not, since it was 1,000 years ago in TV years (six actually) -- after eight years on The View, Star Jones' contract was not renewed. It was un-newed. It was olded. Okay, she was kind of fired. And she was pissed about it. So first she said she would go along with some soft spin about it and then at the last minute she surprised everyone with an angry "I'm leaving!" in front of a live audience. Barbara Walters and Joy Behar have been simmering with resentment ever since, obs.


Which brings us to yesterday's show. Star was there to talk about heart disease among women. She started out all gracious, y'all look beautiful, so good to be here, etc., when Bawbawa jumped in with, "Hey, remember how you left us?" And from there we had to sit through one of the most awkward View episodes ever. We had to watch these women make up.

Star did not want to have this conversation. But Bawbarwa insisted that people ask why Star left that way "all the time" and kept going. "Why'd you do it, Star? Why'd you leave us like that?" They all hounded her. Star said it was an ugly emotional time for her on the show. She wanted to go out on her own terms. And then she comes out super-positive, thanking everyone and telling them all how good it is to see them all again.

But wait, there's more awkward! The ladies reminded Star about how she'd lost tons of weight thanks to her gastric bypass surgery -- which Star asked everyone to keep on the DL. So they all went along with the cover-up, saying it was diet and exercise, but obviously they really resented having to cover for Star that way. Dang, so much resentment to resolve in just a few minutes! I think it's good they cleared the air-ish. And Star handled it all graciously (Joy and Barbara, not so much). But squirmfest! And where were the hugs? We should have seen tears and hugs.

Well anyway, glad that's over. You know, in 2010 Barbara Walters and Star Jones both had open-heart surgery. So hopefully now that they've gotten these petty differences resolved, they can focus together on something more important.

Were you glad Barbara and Joy cleared the air with Star, or should they have just left the past alone?

Image via ABCTheView/YouTube

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