'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Can't Let MTV Screw Up Her Future

Amber PortwoodAy yi yi! Amber Portwood, aka her own worst enemy, is at it again. The embattled star of MTV's reality series Teen Mom has been accepted into a drug court program that would help her kick her habit and keep her out of jail. But rumors are already surfacing that she's considering not taking the deal and staying in the slammer.

What? It seems accepting the court's offer to straighten out her life could complicate her link to fame and fortune -- aka starring on MTV. Say it with me folks, "Who cares? Get your butt to rehab, Amber!"


So far it seems to just be tabloid rumor that she'd opt out on moving into a halfway house and actually choose jail. Pheww! But this is one of those rumors that has some meat to it.

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Standing in court in Madison County last week, Portwood told the judge that she was hoping she could live with her grandparents instead of the halfway house. And the "close sources" who are saying she's worried about the income she'd could lose if cameras aren't following her every move make sense. As her hometown newspaper pointed out, Portwood makes too much money these days to qualify for public assistance for her housing, and we all know where that salary comes from. 

But what we do know as fact, and what is troubling, is that Amber is questioning this deal at all. She has already been told by a court that it's rehab or five years in jail. And the judge assured her that the court would work things out with MTV so she couldn't be sued for screwing up her contract. Whether that means they'd get to tape her during the day when she's not at the halfway house or not remains to be seen, but that's MTV's problem now, not Amber's.

The point is: Amber is down to the wire. There should be no hedging of bets. There should be no questioning the court. She should just sign on the dotted line and start getting herself straight -- for her sake and for little Leah's. MTV can take care of itself. Leah can't.

When will Amber stop getting in her own way?


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