Jennifer Aniston Tricked Justin Theroux Into Breakdancing & He Didn't Mind

justin therouxIs anyone else super excited that Jennifer Aniston finally found herself a good man? Because she really deserves to be with a prince after all of the toads she's kissed. And yes, I'm mainly referring to Brad Pitt, because he's slimy and kind of resembles a frog sometimes.

But seriously -- how awesome is Jen's boyfriend, Justin Theroux? Yes, I said awesome. Believe it or not, this guy is the real deal.

Of course, up until yesterday, Justin really seemed to have this whole dark and mysterious vibe going on. But then he went on Ellen and showed off his fancy breakdancing skills, and now we totally understand why Jen fell for a cool dude like him. He's absolutely perfect for her.


Jen is such a funny gal, and she really needed a guy who shared her lighthearted approach to life, and her philosophy of not taking herself too seriously.

And it's obvious that Justin shares Jen's fun and quirky sense of humor not only because he got down on the floor and breakdanced on national television, but also because Jen actually helped trick him into doing it, and he didn't complain one bit.

Apparently Justin only likes to get his dance on when he is wearing a certain pair of shoes, and before he went on the show, Jen secretly sent the shoes over to Ellen so that he wouldn't really have a good excuse to get out of busting a move on the dance floor. How great is that? Nothing quite says "I love you" like embarrassing the hell out of your man, right?

She told Ellen that she kind of felt guilty about duping him into breakdancing -- but somehow I'm not buying that. I think that she got a complete and total kick out of watching her man get his groove on in front of a live audience!

And honestly, it's so adorable that Justin didn't seem to mind one bit. He actually seemed to really enjoy his little dance routine, and he was into it. One thing's for sure -- Justin's performance gave women everywhere one more reason to be totally envious of Jennifer Aniston. Because this dude's a real gem.

Do you think that Justin and Jennifer are in it for the long haul?


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