Chris Brown & Rihanna Do NOT Need Advice From Taylor Armstrong (VIDEO)

Taylor ArmstrongBesides vehemently disagreeing with Taylor Armstrong's choice to go on with this past season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just weeks after the suicide of her husband Russell Armstrong, I've made a concerted effort to avoid being too judgemental about her annoying behavior and stories that don't always seem to add up. After what she's been through, she deserves sympathy and the benefit of the doubt, I've tried to remind myself and others. But after her recent move butting into the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna reunion, I'm officially done trying to defend her.

Yes, she and Rihanna were both victims of domestic violence, and my heart aches for what they each endured, but that's pretty much where anything they may have in common ends. Yet there's Taylor seizing the opportunity to play expert and assuring people that  Chris and Rihanna can in fact collaborate on a project "without it being dangerous."

And what if you're wrong, Taylor?


To be fair, she did offer some stipulations rather than just a blanket statement that they'll be okay. She told HLN:

I do believe you can have a healthy relationship with someone years after. I don't know what their relationship is now, but as long as they're keeping one another safe and at a good distance, or if they've had the appropriate treatment they can collaborate on a project without it being dangerous.

We all have our opinions about the reunion of the singers, but Armstrong once again is trying to garner fame for the abusive relationship she claims she was in, which just feels low. She is no expert and knows nothing more about Chris and Rihanna's relationship than the rest of us. It's no business of hers .. except it sure could help business for that little book of hers, Hiding From Reality, that has somehow made its way on the New York Times bestseller list. You know, the same book that she got a contract on just three weeks after her husband was found dead.

It's not to say that victims of domestic violence shouldn't speak out nor that their doing so doesn't help others, but the way Taylor has gone about it has just been so brazen and so soon after her husband's suicide. And the fact remains that one of the two people who really knows what on between them isn't alive to defend himself and tell his side of the story. Reports that she actually brings her 5-year-old daughter to her book signings where the abuse is discussed are even more unsettling.

Sure she has to make a living and find a way to support her daughter, but pimping the whole ordeal -- and the ordeal of others --  just shouldn't be worth it. Step away from the spotlight, Taylor; go home, work on healing, and help your daughter. Rihanna and Chris will figure things out without you.

Do you think Taylor Armstrong went too far butting into the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna drama?

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