'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's STD Bombshell Shows Cheaters Never Prosper

kailyn jo rivera teen mom reunionOn Teen Mom, like many reality TV shows, the shockers are nonstop. It might be all fun, games, and fame for some, but Kailyn Lowry is one cast member who might be thinking about wanting off of the drama coaster. Or at least you would think that would be the case after she dropped this priceless bombshell on the reunion show yesterday: She accused her ex Jo Rivera of exposing her to a sexually transmitted disease. Not cool.

But then again, during the show's season, Kailyn was cheating on then-boyfriend Jordan Wenner with Jo. Goes to show that creeping and sneaking behind your significant other's back never ends well.


Although it was supposedly just a one-night stand, Kailyn's hook-up with her ex is a cardinal no-no. You need not be religious to agree. The only thing you have to believe in is karma.

I've seen it time and again, and this is just another perfect example. No matter what the reason, cheating is usually a terribly stupid, not-at-all thought-out decision that you can almost guarantee will end up hurting you and others in the end. The universe takes care of cheaters ... by making sure they get a nasty payback. 

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Karma doesn't have to come in the form of an STD though, like it did for Kailyn. More likely than not, it turns out that you get burned in the same exact way you burned an ex. I've known cheaters to find out that the ones they were cheating with were cheating on them months, even years later. Sure, a cheater could change. I do know of a couple that fell in love when they were both cheating on their spouses, and they never looked back -- or around. But I'd bet that's more rare than common.

I'm no Dr. Drew, but it sounds like if Jo had no problem hooking up with Kailyn while she was still with Jordan -- and failing to use protection -- we can safely guess that he wouldn't be the kind of guy to make the smartest, most monogamous decisions when it comes to sex. Hello recipe for an STD disaster. But Kailyn's no angel either and doesn't exactly deserve sympathy. There's a price to pay when you choose to cheat. Hopefully, Kailyn's figured that out pretty fast. 

Do you agree that cheaters almost always get karmic payback?


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