Stephen Colbert's On-Air Tribute to His Mom Makes Us Love Him More (VIDEO)

Good news, Colbert Report fans—after last week's mysterious and worrying news that the Comedy Central show was off the air due to "unforeseen complications," Stephen Colbert returned to his faux news desk on Monday.  Hilariously, he addressed his "recent absence from the national conversation as the hub around which republic turns" by shooting down a number of theories for the show's hiatus: his presidential candidacy, a trip to rehab, a nose job, and an offended Catholic church calling for the show's cancellation after he compared the Pope's hat to a condom.

As it turns out, the real reason for last week's cancelled Colbert Report tapings—the first time the show has suspended production since it debuted in 2005—is very sweet, and makes me like Colbert even more than I already did.


With no real information available last week, fans had started posted all kinds of concerns about Colbert’s health, his family’s health, his relationship with the network, and whether the show had been canceled. Some even brought up a sad incident form 2005 when The Daily Show went on hiatus after a staff member committed suicide.

Colbert hasn't specifically addressed why last week's Wednesday and Thursday tapings were cancelled, but he seemed to confirm reports that it was because his 91-year-old mother was ill. In a subtle message during Monday's broadcast, he said,

Oh, and one more thing. Evidently, having 11 children makes you tough as nails. Confidential to a lovely lady.

Here's the video:

Comedy Central - The Colbert Report

I love the little nose-salute he gave afterwards—it reminded me of Carol Burnett’s ear-tug, which was supposedly a silent personal message to her grandmother that everything was all right.

The lovely lady he referenced is
his mother, Lorna, who did indeed have 11 children. I take it from his "tough as nails" comment that she's doing better now, which is fantastic news for Colbert's family and the Colbert Nation at large.

I'm definitely a fan of Stephen Colbert, but knowing
how much he cares about his mother makes me like him just a little bit more. In case you missed it, here's his sweet shout-out to his mom in the video he made for the CafeMom Moms Matter series—enjoy!

What did you think of Stephen Colbert's "confidential" message to his mom?

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