'Bachelor' Spoiler Reveals a Surprising New Villain (VIDEO)

Courtney Robertson The BachelorEven though she has annoying catchphrases, recites Carrie Bradshaw monologues, and makes catty comments -- I'm still rooting for Courtney Robertson on The Bachelor. That's right, I'm Team Courtney, okay? Sue me. I've kept my mouth shut this entire time, and frankly, I can't keep quiet about this any longer. I know she's no angel, but the other girls aren't exactly sweet as pie either. Now before you go hating on me like you do on my girl C-Robs (yeah, I went there), at least hear me out.

We already know that it's typical on The Bachelor for eliminated contestants to return to the show for one last final word -- and this season is no exception. But what's shocking is that this season's mystery guest could prove that Courtney may not be the true villain after all ...



Rumor has it that Kacie B flew her baton-twirling butt all the way to Switzerland after being snubbed one of the final roses. But ironically she doesn't beg for another chance -- she actually just warns Ben about "evil Courtney."

Wait a second, is this chick for real?

This isn't even the first time Kacie felt the need to warn Ben about Courtney, and it probably won't be the last. But what does that say about the type of person she is? She's been eliminated for a good reason -- and after her emotional breakdown last episode, I'm afraid seeing her come back might be a little hard to watch. I understand she's heartbroken and confused, but to waste more time and energy just to put another person down makes her look like a jealous little girl.

Let's keep in mind here, these people don't really know each other all that well. They've only spent roughly a month or two together, depending on when they get eliminated. And we all know about the wonders of editing and the Jaws themed music that plays over a voiceover to make a pretty mundane comment seem extra juicy. Last time I checked you didn't have to be pure evil to go skinny-dipping.

And if I could just point out that if this was Courtney coming back on the show after being eliminated to trash talk Kacie, all hell would break loose. Just sayin'.

Do you think Courtney is as mean as the show is making her out to be? Do you think the other girls are just as catty?

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