Kacie B. Doesn't Know 'WTF Happened' With 'Bachelor' Ben -- But We Do

the bachelorWah Wah Wah ... is it any huge surprise that The Bachelor ended last night with Kacie Boguskie crying her eyes out in the limousine and asking "WTF happened?" over and over again? Because it was pretty easy to tell by watching her hometown date that Bachelor Ben Flajnik just wasn't drinking the Boguskie Kool-Aid or iced tea or whatever other non-alcoholic beverage her parents were serving at the dinner table.

And honestly -- even Kacie seemed to know that something was a little bit "off" as she said goodbye to Ben after their anti-climactic visit with her family. But even though things didn't exactly go perfectly, Kacie still seemed completely shocked and confused when Ben sent her packing (for real?).

Even though Kacie may have been completely clueless as to "WTF happened" with Ben, it was pretty easy for anyone watching to figure out. Because there were several reasons she got the boot.


Baton Girl Act Gone Bad: First of all, she really should've toned down the whole baton thing. Sure, it was kind of cute when she got her twirl on during the one-on-one date she and Ben had in Sonoma, but busting out the stick again to the beat of a marching band right at the very beginning of her hometown date was a bit over the top. If nothing else, it likely reminded Ben of just how young she is. (How long exactly has she been out of high school)?

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Papa Don't Drink: Ok -- let's get back to the whole teetotaler thing. Kacie didn't hesitate to let Ben know right away that her dad isn't a drinker, which obviously freaked him out a bit (um, he's a winemaker). Not that I can say that I blame him. It's never comfortable to be around people who don't drink when you are someone who enjoys a glass of wine or five with dinner. And something tells me that if things would've worked out between Ben and Kacie, her parents probably wouldn't have been too interested in coming out to visit them at the winery. Or at least they wouldn't have been much fun to hang with. And don't even get me started on future holiday dinners because those would've been nothing short of cringe-worthy.

Heartbreak Permission Slip: But perhaps the biggest reason why things with Kacie went south in a hurry was because her dad basically gave Ben his blessing to send her packing! He practically told Ben to go ahead and let her go. Early on in their conversation, he let Ben know that if he did not feel that Kacie was the one for him, then it was best to break the news to her sooner rather than later. I swear I could hear the bells going off inside Ben's brain when he heard that statement. There's nothing like getting a permission slip from Daddy to give a guy a good excuse to break a young girl's heart.

If after watching last night's episode of The Bachelor, Kacie is still confused as to "WTF happened," then she should just blame it on her dear old Dad. And I'm sure he'd be more than happy to take the fall if it means keeping his little girl safe and sound in Tennessee.

Do you think that Ben made a mistake by sending Kacie home?


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