'Khloe & Lamar' Premiere Part 2 Recap: Khloe Snaps

Khloe Kardashia and Lamar OdomTonight was part two of the Khloe and Lamar season two premiere, and it certainly was no snore. In fact, the lack of snores or any sleep at all was the big problem in the bedroom for Khloe Kardashian as Lamar Odom battled some major insomnia. They showed us that they and their enviable relationship are not totally perfect  ... although the way they addressed the problem was perfectly adorable.

Khloe came up with all sorts of remedies for Lamar's sleepless during the NBA lockout. From sleep masks to massages and melatonin-spiked tea, she tried everything. The best, however, was the whale mating music or whatever that was. Lamar getting up to dance to it was the best and put some humor into what was quickly becoming a serious problem. So serious that Khloe was late to a photo shoot because she was so exhausted. Kim Kardashian said she thought the lack of sleep could be the reason Khloe hadn't gotten pregnant, saying perhaps it set off her body clock.


After the photo shoot Khloe and Lamar got into a major discussion/quasi argument about it. When Lamar answered Khloe's challenge to guess how many hours of sleep she gets on average since meeting  him, he said six. That was obviously wrong as her response to that was, "F*ck me with a dildo if that's what you think."  That was followed by more candid Khloe: "I do love to baby you, but sometimes a bitch snaps."

Who wouldn't on so little sleep? And really, she's a pretty sane snapper.

In the end, Lamar realized he had to let Khloe sleep, even if he can't. So he made her some tea, tucked her in bed, and told her to get her shut eye. "I promise I'm going to take care of my baby," he said. Then he called his buddy Jamie and told him to come over ... which I can only see leading to more problems, but we'll see.

The other problem on tonight's episode was Khloe's friend Malika Haqq and her relationship with Adrian Wilson of the Arizona Cardinals. The fact that he was still married set off some major flags for Khloe, who helped Malika see the error of her ways. Malika didn't like it at first, but soon realized the Khloe was right and ended her relationship with Adrian. Khloe is good ... if only she'd been able to save Kim.

Have you ever dealt with the insomnia of a spouse? Were you glad to see Malika Haqq break things off with Adrian Wilson?

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