'Jersey Shore' Recap: JWOWW's Dress Takes the Trashy Cake

JWOWWWell, wow ... that about sums up JWOWW's outfit (I guess you'd call it an outfit?) that she actually left the house in on tonight's episode of Jersey Shore. After her big blow up with Roger last week, she decided to make it up to him by wearing scraps of fabric that amounted to less than a bikini, held together with chains. Thigh-high boots topped off the look. I know we're used to seeing the girls in barely there skirts and boobs aplenty, but this look took the cake -- not the same cake Pauly D took, however. 

Jenni said she wanted to show Roger "two good reasons" why he should be glad he's with her, and see them he did. As did everyone else when she strutted into Karma where fists were already flying. "My boobs. My boobs," she said in fear, then started looking for a shirt ... and a fight. 


It was too late though, as someone started pulling on her -- just like she had hoped they would -- and Roger was ready to rumble. We'll have to wait until next week to see how that ends and how many people see her boobs, but at least they have each other again.

Actually, most of the housemates had their own special someone on this week's episode. Mike was still happy hanging with Paula and considering settling down; Deena was loving her new guy Joey and they did sex; and Pauly D and Vinny always and forever will have each other.

And though we haven't seen him in awhile, it seems things are going smoothly for Jionni and Snooki. Mike still hasn't revealed his big secret about him and Snooki, but he's waiting for his big slimy moment.

"I will not be made out to be a liar. I owe Jionni the truth. Every time he's kissing his girl, he’s kissing my … thing," he said pointing down to his nether regions. He's so slimy; it's no wonder they blamed him for eating the cake. But how long exactly is he going to drag this thing out? And more importantly, what in the hell does Paula see in him? She seems like a cool chick, and he's just so not cool.

Other than that, it was a pretty tame episode of the show. Sammi and Ron contributed about 45 seconds total when Ron danced then fell to the floor with his "Gumby ankles" and Sammi laughed. Snooki finally got her UTI taken care of, then proceeded to get "him" drunk. We learned she doesn't speak "clock language," and that she's WAY too involved in Deena's sex life after she both found a condom for Joey and then proceeded to walk in to watch them actually using it. Not that anyone in that house has any knowledge of boundaries, but that was way out of them, even for her.

What did you think of JWOWW's outfit? Do you think Mike is ever really going to tell Jionni about him and Snooki?

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