'Revenge' Gets Twisted! Murder on the Beach Keeps Us Guessing

revenge fire & iceRevenge fans, tonight's the night! Who gets shot on the beach? Is it really Daniel, as we've been led to believe? If you watch the pilot episode of Revenge, you see it's a guy with dark hair and a white jacket -- but then, that could be most of the men at Daniel and Emily's "Fire & Ice" engagement party. Everyone screams Daniel's name after Charlotte and Declan discover the body. And yet -- we never see the victim's face!

And who shot him? We see Jack find the body and pick up the phone with his bare hands when it rings. But the shooter was wearing gloves. And that look on Jack's face is not quite the look you'd expect from someone who'd just shot a person. SPOILER ALERT -- DON'T READ PAST THIS POINT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS EPISODE.


What the hell just happened?!? Only semi-closure on this mystery -- and what a twisty end! I'm freaking out.

Okay, so this is what we know: At one point Tyler is pointing a gun at Daniel. A few scenes later, Jack is running after Amanda onto the beach. He hears the gunshots, and reaches the top of the bluff in time to see Amanda crouched over the body -- which turns out to be TYLER'S!!! WTF! Amanda seems like she's trying to say she didn't do it. She bolts, Jack hides, and then the family discovers Tyler's body, and there's Daniel with blood splattered all over his nice, white jacket and a look of shock on his face.

So did he shoot Tyler -- in self defense? Or did Amanda?

Is it sick of me to admit that I was kind of excited to see Tyler return because he's such a troublesome little devil? And he's already gone. Dang! Loved seeing Amanda's "sensei" back in town. ("Here's your damn box back, Emily, quit leavin' it around!" What do you want to guess that box is going to get dug back up pretty soon?) And Charlotte running around screaming in her underwear -- so undignified. I cringe for her -- in every episode. Victoria is conniving as ever, but Grandpa Grayson, too? Man, this family!

So much happens it was hard to keep up with it all. And we have to wait two whole weeks to find out what happens next! Looks like Daniel gets arrested for the murder, gets amnesia, more hell breaking loose. But at least now we know who it was who broke into Emily's floor and stole her box. Way to live up to the episode title: "Chaos."

Who do you think shot Tyler?


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