'Real Housewives' Tareq Salahi Sheds Last Shred of Dignity With Laughable Lawsuit

Neal Schon and Michaele SalahiYou've got to hand it something  to Tareq Salahi; his lack of self respect allows him to doggedly pursue fame and fortune like few others with any dignity could. While there's not much I'd put past the former star of The Real Housewives of D.C., his latest move is preposterous, even for him.

There were rumors late last year that the infamous White House gate crasher was thinking of filing a ridiculous lawsuit against his ex-wife Michaele Salahi and her new boyfriend, Journey rocker Neal Schon for $17 million because they had embarrassed him and his miserable self. Boo hoo. But then nothing much happened. The lawsuit he actually filed this week against them is even more outrageous.


On Monday, he filed documents asking for almost triple that amount -- $50 million. The list of allegations is long and includes my favorite: A "metaphorical slap in the face," Schon reportedly delivered to him by emailing Tareq a picture of his penis and calling him to say, "I'm f**king your wife."

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I don't mean to laugh, but ... ha ha. If anyone deserves that kind of treatment it's Tareq. He's as creepy and shady as you can get. And what a seriously lazy whiner. Rather than gathering up any scrap of dignity he may have had left after Michaele dumped his ass, he has to go and grovel because she destroyed all of his big career plans. Because they weren't just any couple, dammit, they were "a brand".  According to E!, the lawsuit stated:

Through their concerted efforts [they] held themselves out as not just Husband and Wife but as business partners and further, a brand. They wrote a book together, made countless appearances together and were essentially inseparable in both their personal and business lives.

They weren't so inseparable when Michaele ran off with Schon now, were they? He also charges that Schon tried to "demoralize, embarrass and defame [Tareq] by publicly demonstrating that he could better provide material items for his wife." His evidence of that: A shopping spree that was chronicled by Entertainment Tonight.

He's simply delusional, and I can't imagine the case having any legs in court. The whole thing is one big publicity ploy I'm sure, but it's also really a pathetic one as the lawsuit is basically one big admission that Neal is better at providing for his woman than he is and that he is nothing without Michaele. The fact that he wants publicity for that is the best example yet of just how frighteningly low he'll go.

Are you surprised that Tareq Salahi would sue for these ridiculous reasons? Do you think he has any chance at winning in court?

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