'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Got Engaged But May Have Already Dumped His Fiancee

Ben FlajnikAs painful as it is to watch Bachelor Ben Flajnik's unsuccessful attempts to keep his mushroom hair out of his eyes every week, we just can't help but stay glued to the TV on Monday nights. Seriously -- what is up with Ben's season of the show? The women are super-catty, the dates are somewhat lame, and Ben -- well, he's really turning out to be kind of a boring dude. But despite all that, we still want to watch. It's almost like this season of The Bachelor is just so bad that it's good.

Even though he usually comes across as either dumb, shallow, naive, or some sort of combination of the three, I think it's safe to say that we all had high hopes for Ben to find the girl of his dreams. And according to a new story in Life & Style, he did find love and put a ring on someone's finger. However, it also sounds like the engagement is off, and Ben's fairytale is already over. Total shocker -- I know.


Of course, judging from the remaining four women on the show, I guess it really isn't that hard to understand why Ben would wind up getting cold feet about getting hitched. It's not like any of them are really right for him at all.

Let's start with everyone's favorite girl-next-door -- Courtney Robertson.

Courtney Robertson

Good grief. Is this chick a whole can-o-crazy or what? She quotes Charlie Sheen left and right because she can't come up with any cool lines of her own, she resorts to taking her top off to make up for her lack of substance, and she pushes the buttons of the other girls in the house enough to make them cry pretty much every week. If Ben did wind up proposing to Courtney, then it wouldn't be a shock at all if they fizzled out fairly quickly. After all -- he'd already seen her naked well before the final rose ceremony, so it's not like their first night together would be any big thrill.

Let's shift gears a bit and move on to Kacie Boguskie.

Kacie Boguskie

Kacie's a great catch, but she's just way too young and unworldly for Ben. I can see him proposing to her only to have her break down in tears and insist on moving back to Tennessee to be near her family because the thought of going to San Francisco is just way too scary. (They don't know a thing about southern hospitality out there, y'all.) Ben wants someone who is truly ready to settle down (or at least that's what he says), and if he picked Kacie, then she probably freaked out and realized that she isn't ready for that kind of commitment.

This brings us to Nicki Sterling.

Nicki Sterling

Um -- have you by any chance counted the number of times that Nicki has cried over the fact that she hasn't found love yet? She's definitely eager to settle down, but that's her problem. She's too eager. If Nicki is the woman that Ben proposed to, then odds are good that she busted out the wedding magazines the minute the cameras stopped rolling and had names picked out for her future kids with Ben before their plane even landed back in the States. She's a nice gal -- but if Ben picked her, then I don't blame him for running for the hills.

I guess that leaves us with Lindzi Cox.

Lindzi Cox

Out of the four remaining women, Lindzi definitely seems like the closest match for Ben. She's totally gorgeous, plus she's a genuine, independent woman who really seems to have her priorities straight in life. And out of all of the girls Ben has left to choose from, Lindzi seems like she would best fit into his life with running the winery and all. If Ben wound up giving her a ring, however, my guess is that she was the one who wound up having second thoughts -- not him. I can totally see her looking at him shortly after the engagement and thinking, "What in the hell am I doing with this dude?", then packing her stuff in the middle of the night and fleeing out of Ben's life on the horse she rode in on.

Which woman do you think Ben Flajnik should pick? And who do you think Ben will pick?


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