'Teen Mom 2' Finale Recap: Leah & Corey Break Our Hearts

Teen Mom 2 ended the season Tuesday night with the finale episode, and with it came many other endings. For Jenelle, it was the end (let's hope) to her days of smoking weed just to deal with her overweening anxiety. The time had long since come for that bird to fly and I think this was the first episode in which it felt like there really was hope for Jenelle. Maybe she really will be able to medicate her Bipolar Disorder with something other than marijuana she buys illegally.

For Kailyn, it was the end of hope that she and Jo (with whom she had sex in the shower last week) would make a go of it AND the end of her relationship with Jordan. Certainly she seemed more sad about the former and Jo's attitude was annoying. He almost seemed to enjoy telling her there was no chance in hell they were getting back together.


Meanwhile Chelsea moved in the right direction toward her GED and in the wrong direction back toward Adam. Really, Chelsea? Really? But the most gut wrenching part of the finale was Leah and Corey for whom the finale was really their end.

Watching them move out of their home was beyond depressing in every way. There is nothing amusing or lighthearted about watching two people divide their things (including their babies) and go their separate ways. And the worst part, perhaps, is that there is just no reason for it.

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I am not saying Corey is a prize and neither is Leah with her cheating ways, but they did have some good stuff there. It couldn't have JUST been creative editing that made the two of them so sweetly supportive of one another at certain times.

No relationship is perfect, but six months isn't even giving their marriage a go. They could have gone to counseling or worked harder to save what they had. To me, it's obvious they COULD have made it work. But they didn't even try.

Why didn't their parents give them better advice? Or even Dr. Drew? This is a show on TV, but we have to watch them go through this and it's maddening to know these are real people making the very real mistake to throw away their marriage the second they hit a bump.

Maybe it's better that it ends now. Marriage is full of bumps and neither one of these two seems well-equipped to handle them if they can't even deal with this one. But it was a really sad split and one that didn't have to happen the way it did.

Watching Leah and Corey both cry in their empty house was too sad for words. And with that, the season ends.

Did you think they could have made it work?


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