‘Bachelor’ Contestant Courtney Pulls Genius Move With Ben

Say what you will about Courtney Robertson on this season of The Bachelor, but she knows how to get her man. The fact is, while the other girls play cute and are “totally, like, in love” after three weeks, Robertson is flawlessly executing her game winning strategy.

If you think playing hard to get is old-fashioned, think again. Courtney isn't playing hard to get, at least not in the “rules” sense. But she is playing with her self-respect intact. When she told Ben that the “spark” was missing, she also told him something else: You are going to have to fight for me, buddy.

Courtney isn't like the other girls. She will love him, but he can’t just wear any old striped tank top (seriously? What WAS that horrible fashion atrocity anyway?) and still expect her to dig him. Courtney may be a bee-yotch, but she is showing Ben that she is a woman worth fighting for. And men love that.


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The fact is, we ladies are the same. Seriously. Can you imagine if two men were both into you and both were equally attractive, but one had his own life and his own deal. He made plans and you had to work around HIM rather than the other one who is always willing to cancel his plans and work around YOU. Who would you respect more? That’s Courtney.

She is doing the same with her perfect bod, too. Sure, ABC is editing it to make her look trampy, but my guess is she is giving just enough of a look to appreciate it, but not so much of it (full blown sex) to lose respect for her. She is walking the perfect line and she will win because of it.

After watching this show for nearly a decade, I am officially sure I know the formula. The girls who win are the ones who whine the least and show the most self respect. Self respect isn't always about not getting naked, either. It's about saying what you mean and being willing to walk away.

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In a relationship you have to want the love badly enough to make it matter, but not so badly that you compromise yourself. No one respects a woman (or a man) who is willing to do anything or put up with anything just to force “love.”

Courtney will win and she will do so because she played the game perfectly. Any woman or man who wants to snag someone should watch her.

Do you think Courtney is playing it well?


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