'DWTS' Needs These Super-Competitive 'Bachelor' Stars for Season 14

Courtney Robertson The BachelorIn order to stand out on matchmaking shows like The Bachelor & The Bachelorette, you need to be aggressive. You need to have that something-something, that spark. And if you choose to fade into the background ... well, you'll be on the first plane home, rose-less and alone. The horror!

So it's pretty clear that these hopeless romantics must really know how to play the game. I got to thinking about it ... if they're this competitive on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, how great would they be on a show like Dancing With the Stars? Oh, the cutthroat competition possibilities for Season 14 ...


Courtney Robertson would be the first and obvious choice. Not because she'd be a fan favorite but because she'd manipulate the judges like no other. I can see it now, Courtney trying to brainwash Len Goodman: You know, I'm really starting to lose sight of why I came on Dancing With the Stars. I really want to become a better dancer, but I need some encouragement. How about raising my score of 6 to a 10? I'll take my shirt off. Winning!

Roberto Martinez is not only drop dead gorgeous, but he was rumored to be a potential contestant for Season 11. It's three seasons later and we have yet to see him shake it -- what gives, Roberto? I'm sure the long rehearsals will help him get his mind off of his split from ex-fiance, Ali Fedotowsky.

Ashley Hebert comes from a dance background, so she'd be an amazing DWTS potential. Before she got lucky enough to be The Bachelorette, she was stealing Brad Womack away from other Bachelor hopefuls (just like she'd be stealing the show on the dance floor??). Plus, she managed to make J.P. Rosenbaum fall in love with her, so I'm sure America would be a piece of cake. Bottom line, Ash would be purrfact.

Vienna Girardi is a classic choice. Remember her infamous break-up interview with ex-fiance Jake Pavelka? All of a sudden the world switched over to Team Vienna. We're just dying to see her do better than him, in anything -- even if it's on the dance floor! And considering Jake had a pretty embarrassing sobfest during his time on DWTS, it's safe to say Vienna would beat him with her eyes closed.

Ryan Park wasn't nicknamed "Mr. Sunshine" for nothing! While he didn't exactly win over any hearts during his stint on The Bachelorette, he did have a lot of fun ... like, a LOT of fun, you guys! And someone with that much energy would make a great performer, don't you think?

Do you think these Bachelor stars have what it takes to compete on DWTS?


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