'Bachelor' Recap: Courtney Was Right to Diss Ben's 'Girls'

The women of Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor in general have to be some of the dumbest women ever on television. To be fair, I don't know them in real life. So, maybe they are just edited that way, but seriously. Who goes on The Bachelor to find love? Yeah. It's pretty shaky from the get-go.

*Spoilers ahead*

Tonight's ending was inevitable, though I did miss one major one -- really? Nicki is staying? Did anyone else fail to notice her before last week? Still, Kacie B., Courtney and Lindzi. By the way, I'd like to give a little shout-out to these girl's parents for their creative spelling. But I digress.

I said "girls" in the above paragraph for a reason. Courtney, this season's Cruella De Vil, who I am sure is hiding her coat made of clubbed baby seals somewhere, told Ben he was choosing "girls," not women (oooh, snap!). And she was right.


Like Courtney or hate her (and we all know most of you hate her), she is being honest about who she is. Who is to say that she is the "mean" one when all the other "women" sit around and spew just as much hate? They just do it in that "I am such sweet girl's girl," way. Even socially acceptable hate is still hate.

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Kacie B. is a perfect example of this. She has the sweet and innocent "girl's girl" act down to a science. We are all besties! We love each other!

Then she turns around and tells the cameras that Courtney is "like a black widow" and mimes smashing her. Classy. Look, you are either a sweet, innocent flower or you are human and you spew gossip. Either way is fine. But don't sit in your glass house and throw diamonds, Sister Kacie. You are no better. Courtney talks trash and so do you.

Then there was Emily -- who is way too smart for this show -- talking about how sad she is and how much she will miss the girls. That is nice and all, but Courtney is right. You should not come on the show to make friends. You should come on to fall in love.

It seems every season, the woman who does not want to make friends is vilified. But any sane woman put in her shoes might do the same. The women in the Bachelor house are clique-y and snotty, like sorority sisters gone Stepford. Sure, they seem all sweet and sugar-y, but cross them and you are ostracized and treated terribly.

Courtney says some "mean" things, but her biggest sin is being on the fringe. Ben called her "weird" and he is right. She is out there and willing to say what she really thinks. She is confident enough not to care if a room full of "girls" likes her. You know what? She would be my pick, too.

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Kacie B. might make a great whiny wife to some doctor in a quiet Midwestern or Southern town. But Courtney will always tell it like it is and is, in the end, a stronger woman.

I am starting to see why it is rumored that Ben picks Courtney. His choices are mighty limited.

Do you think the other "girls" are women?


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