Chris Brown Forgiveness at the Grammys Goes Way Too Far

chris brown grammys 2012I don't know about you, but I wasn't thrilled with all the love Chris Brown got at the Grammys. It's only been three years since he beat up then-girlfriend Rihanna. But there he was, performing not just once but TWICE, getting more airtime than the Whitney Houston tribute! And then they gave him a standing ovation and a Grammy. What the hell?!?

I don't get it. We're supposed to just move on like that, after only three years? And why are people so ENTHUSIASTIC about forgiving Chris, anyway? It's like they're welcoming back a war hero and not a guy who beat his girlfriend to a pulp.


But it gets worse. Buzzfeed caught a rash of tweets from women saying super-disturbing things about Chris Brown. "Everyone shut up about Chris Brown being a woman beater... shiiittt he can beat me up all night if he wants." "I'd let Christ Brown beat me up anytime ;)" Seriously? And you're adding an emoticon to that? Is it because you're JOKING? Or did someone pay these women to say this? People who want to forgive and forget -- I get that. But asking for more? That's just sick.

Thanks a lot, ladies. Good job feeding that myth that violence against women is a turn-on. Way to represent.

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I agree with Jenni Meyer's post in Crushable. I am not okay with all this big, loud Chris Brown love. I am not ready to just forget that Chris Brown beat the hell out of a woman. But obviously his producers and backers really, really want us to get the hell over it already because there's serious cash to be made here. And those of us who are still pissed at Chris Brown are just getting in the way.

For the music industry to look at their watches, shrug, and say, "Oh well, it's been three years," and then welcome him back with ecstatic open arms is just disrespectful to women. They're saying, "Shut up and take your lumps. YOU DON'T MATTER." And I can't believe so many women, especially, are screaming YES to more Chris. But I guess it's what we can expect from an industry that is always asking us to look the other way at lyrics that are violent toward women.

How do you feel about Chris Brown's reception at the Grammys?


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