Courtney Robertson's 'Bachelor Music Video' Is Side-Splittingly Funny (VIDEO)

Courtney Robertson is the villain of the Ben Flajnik Bachelor season. The model with the sexy overbite is caught somewhere between sexy villain and wet dream for men and women across America. She may be the biggest Bachelor villain since Vienna.

Of course, this also makes her wildly popular. She is so popular, in fact, that musical videos are being made in her honor.

If you are a fan of the show, you know she has some catchphrases like, "I got the rose" and "winning." So this music video, made by Bachelorfanatic99 on YouTube, might be called, "I got the rose." I dare you to watch it without laughing. See below:


There seems to be some question among insecure Bachelor fans as to whether Courtney is, in fact, hot or not. After watching this video, is there still? Because if so, you are crazy.

The girl is hilarious, insane, and possibly evil, but she is smoking hot. Do we really wonder why it's rumored that Ben picks her in the end?

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The fact is, I have been watching The Bachelor and all its spin-offs since Alex Michel (Season 1), and there has never been a woman more gorgeous (or more conniving) than Courtney. If she is on here for fame, then she has it. She is probably more famous than Ben right now.

Of course, they won't STAY engaged. But he will get his sex and she will get her rose. Winning!

Do you hate Courtney?


Image via bachelorfanatic99/YouTube

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