'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans May Really Stop Making Trouble

Jenelle EvansIt looks like the clouds are parting, and the sun is finally shining on Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. Not one but two of the civil restraining orders against the reality star were dropped by a North Carolina judge today. And she didn't even have to do anything! Maybe that's the key for Jenelle: sitting back and actually letting life run its course instead of sticking her fiery temper into the mix. 

According to E! Evans' former roommate, Hannah Inman, actually actually asked the judge in Brunswick County to drop her restraining order, which could mean good news for Jace's mom next week when she's supposed to answer charges of harassing Inman online and over the phone. The latter, an order obtained by former friend Amber Lane, was apparently dropped because the girl didn't bother to show up to court.


So could this mean Jenelle has actually backed off her habit of picking fights with the world at large and letting go? It would fit the story she's telling on Twitter, where she claims she's focusing on meeting the grounds of her probation (including no smoking weed!), getting good grades, and moving on with a new boyfriend (aka not Reefer Kieffer). And no doubt her sexy attorney has been working hard to keep his client out of legal hot water instead of following her old path.

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Jenelle's biggest problem for too long has been Jenelle. Just watch her arguing with mom Barbara on the show, and it's obvious that if she let a few things pass her by instead of picking a fight every time, she'd have an easier time of it. That's what she has to do now. So the restraining order was dropped by Hannah. Great! Now don't engage! Let it stay that way! Hopefully that will encourage Hannah to drop the harassment charges too.

That's all she has to do. Keep her head down and keep to herself, and Jenelle could actually get things straight in her life. Of course she's not quite done yet.

She's still working her way through the courts with her own charges against former boss James Duffy for allegedly cyberstalking her. And there's next week's court date on the Inman charges. But she has the power to keep the sun shining on herself or pull those black clouds back over her head.

Do you see Jenelle finally letting go and straightening out?


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