'Jersey Shore' Recap: JWoww & Roger Are Damned?

JWowwTonight's episode of Jersey Shore was mostly a mind-numbing mix of the same old things. We saw Pauly D and Vinny hooking up with any woman who would take them with a bonus stalker thrown in; Snooki and Deena getting blotto drunk and doing disgusting things (Snooki laying on the Smush Room bed when it had no sheets, ewwwww!) and Mike continuing to display just how pathetically vile and childish a grown man can be.

But the real issue at hand in this episode was JWoww's relationship with Roger. They've been doing so well for so long, but recently hit a rocky patch. When the guys ran into Roger on the boardwalk last week, and Jenni had no idea he was there, that's when the problem started. This week we saw it fester.


At the heart of the problem was the fact that JWoww let one of the biggest relationship killers enter the scene -- insecurity. Roger has proved time and again to be a great guy, but she couldn't help but channel Sammi and feel slighted by him for not putting her first in the relationship. Instead of talking about it maturely, however, she just got pissy and hung up on him.

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Hey, it happens to the best of us, but watching it happen to someone else, you just want to shake her out of it, and scream, You're driving away a great guy! And Roger is no pushover. When Vinny and Pauly D ran into him at the gym, he let them know he was over her attitude. "Jenni's flipping, dude. I'm not kissing her ass. I don't play that game, bro."

Later when she called to give him a surface apology, he went deep into why how she acted won't fly with him.

You do not trust me! You can do what you want and never be questioned, but you don't trust me in the slightest. If you don't stop with these insecurities and start trusting me, we are going to be damned. We are going to be done. We are going to be ruined.

A little dramatic, but I've got to say I'm on Roger's side on this one based on what we've seen from our spot on the couch anyway. He's done nothing to make her mistrust him, and a relationship can't be strong if one person is always insecure and questioning. She's got to learn to trust him, or it's not going to work. Thankfully, we know they were able to work through it and that they're still together -- at least as of a few days ago, when Jenni appeared on Live! With Kelly February 3 and confirmed that that they are.

Phew, but it's a good lesson (who knew Jersey Shore could ever provide a good lesson) to women that while no one wants to be made the fool, trust is vital to a relationship ... until it's broken.

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Best quote of the night: "A leopard never sheds his stripes." -- Deena speaking of Mike. You really have to try hard to be that clueless, no?

Did you think Jenni was acting too needy? Did you think Roger overreacted?

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