A Courtney Robertson Sex Tape Will Make 'Bachelor' Ben Want Her Even More

OMG. Can someone please tell me what in the hell is wrong with Ben Flajnik? Because there's just no way that he can be smart enough to own and operate a successful winery and still be dumb enough not to have figured out that Courtney Robertson is playing him like a cheap game of strip poker. That is, of course, unless he's sucking back way too much of the "drink" while on the job.

There have been some pretty nutty chicks who have appeared on past seasons of The Bachelor, so it's really not that big of a surprise that there is someone who has a major screw loose this time around. But seriously, Courtney takes the whole "crazy mean girl" thing to an entirely different level. She's certifiably nuts.

And just when we thought Courtney couldn't possibly get any more bizarre, new rumors suggest that she may have a sex tape floating around. Pick your jaw up off the floor, already. Are you really that shocked?


Sex tapes and crazy chicks seem to go hand in hand, and after watching Courtney continually try to lure Ben into her evil clutches by taking her clothes off rather than letting him get to know her as a person, my guess is that a sex tape would only make him even hotter for her. C'mon -- as much as we want him to be all happy and in love and all that gooey stuff, Ben has made it pretty obvious that he's a boobs and butt kinda guy versus a poetry and whispering sweet nothings kinda man. Bottom line: he digs naked chicks. And Courtney has got the whole naked thing down pat.

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Supposedly before she came on The Bachelor, Court was hot and heavy with some dude named Cavan Clark, and he's the one who spilled the beans about an alleged sex tape he made with her. Whether he's telling the truth or just trying to stir the pot and make Courtney out to be an even bigger bad girl than she is remains to be seen. But one thing's for sure -- Cavan wants the world to know that he saw Courtney Robertson naked way before Ben Flajnik did.

Of course, the whole sex tape thing is bound to be brought up on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special at the end of the season. My guess is that the audience will boo and hiss on cue, Courtney will cry and try to make herself look like the pathetic victim, and Ben will just sit there kind of chuckling to himself with a lame smile on his face before turning to Chris Harrison and asking him how he can get his hands on a copy of the tape.

Do you think that Ben will ever wise up and see Courtney's true colors?


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