‘Revenge’ Cliffhanger Primes Us for a ‘Whodunit’ – So Who Did It? (VIDEO)

emily revenge ep 14Fans of Revenge, we're getting closer to coming full circle with that scene that started it all -- the "Fire & Ice" engagement party where Daniel gets shot! If that really was Daniel. There are rumors that we're going to find it out wasn't even Daniel -- so who else, Declan? Conrad?

And who shot Daniel -- or whoever that is? Well, going by Episode 14 it looks like someone is being set up as the murderer. Someone way too sweet and gentle to commit such a crime. How could this be? SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't already seen this week's episode stop reading right here.


Looks like it's gonna be JACK. He is getting played in the worst way -- and he knows it. He just doesn't yet know exactly how.

When last we saw Emily and the Montauk gang, Daniel, Noland, and Conrad had all learned that Charlotte was actually David Clarke's daughter. But crafty Victoria led Daniel to believe that she had been raped by David -- not that she'd had an affair. Emily was thisclose to walking away from her plans for revenge until she learned about this lie. Meanwhile, Emily finally sent Amanda packing while Victoria sent a thug to beat up Jack and take back the tapes Emily had planted in his home. You'd almost think those two were working together instead of against each other!

So Jack is already on the defensive. Some random guy beats him up in his own home and his girlfriend walks out -- all on the same night! She won't return his phone calls, but there's this mysterious tape... He is pissed. Ordinarily I'm not sure I would buy the idea of Jack turning violent -- and I'm still not sure I do. But I can see how Emily's manipulations are bringing out some alpha-male protector side of him we didn't see before. And then he actually sees the tape: Poor young Amanda, naming Victoria as her father's lover and begging to have her step in and help them! Look out, Graysons. Jack's about to explode.

And good for Nolan for showing him that tape. We can't keep him hanging in the dark like this, can we?

So this sets up yet another obstacle in Emily's plan. She's going to work this one like the agile pro that she is. But I don't think she realized how strong Jack's protective instinct is. Don't underestimate anyone, Emily! I loved it when Jack interrupted the Grayson's dinner. (Yet another dinner party is ruined. No wonder everyone on this show is so slim!) Charlotte is the love child of Victoria and David -- now everyone knows, even Charlotte. "What did you say to Amanda Clarke to make her leave town?!?" Jack demands. So we know what he's after.

Meanwhile, the Grayson family falls apart. Daniel will never believe another word out of his mother's mouth. Conrad's father is furious. And Charlotte is distraught.

But is Jack really angry enough to pull the trigger on Daniel? And why would he, anyway? We see that he's getting desperate enough to do almost anything to protect/rescue Amanda. But what does that have to do with Daniel? Or is this just the writers playing us -- the way Emily plays everyone else? And WHO BROKE INTO EMILY'S HOUSE?

We'll find out in Episode 15. UPDATE: I just watched Episode 1 again. We don't see the victim's face, and Jake finds the body but we don't see the shooter's face, either. They just WANT you to think it's Jake shooting Daniel. You see Declan, Conrad, and Nolan at the party so they're probably not directly involved. It's wide open! I'm putting my money on Amanda as the shooter.

Do you think it's Jack who shoots Daniel, or someone else?

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