'Bachelor' Cast-Off Blakeley's Sexy Lap Dance Is Embarrassing (VIDEO)

This week, we saw Bachelor Ben Flajnik reject 34-year-old Blakeley Shea on a two-one-one date at a salsa club. The broken-hearted Blakeley -- she of big boobs and too-small rompers -- sobbed as Ben held her and then was sent home. Fast forward a few months and wild child Blakeley is hardly crying in her beer, though it does appear she is drinking it.

Blakeley was caught on camera in North Carolina giving a rather epic lap dance to another woman during a Bachelor viewing party. I, for one, am ridiculously embarrassed for her.

Blakeley and I are roughly the same age (I am a little younger) and my days (and most of my friend's days) of desperately vying for male attention are long, LONG behind me. It is just kind of sad that a woman in her mid-30's is still acting like this. See below:


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It's not that she is not beautiful (she is) and it is not even that there is anything wrong with giving a woman a lap dance (there isn't), but there is something depressingly desperate about the WAY she does it in this video, like it is all for the attention of the rather repulsive man grinding on her from behind.

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Officially her career is listed on the show as a "VIP Cocktail Waitress," which sounds like code for something else, but I digress. That is the kind of career a woman in her 20's has, but at Blakeley's age, shouldn't she know better?

The whole thing is just depressing. I mean kudos to Blakeley for being honest about her age (though, could she be even older?) because Lord knows those other women lie, lie, lie. But come on Blakeley, isn't it time to pack up the stripper heels and dating show aspirations and live a grown-up lifestyle?

There is always something vaguely depressing about the older Bachelor candidates. Once you reach 30, your shelf-life on bad decisions sort of starts to run out. You can no longer claim youth and idiocy as excuses for piss-poor decision making.

So Blakeley girl, here's a little piece of advice from a woman about your age: Pack it in. Find yourself a nice man away from the television cameras and settle down. You will be much happier for it. But, for the love of all things holy, if you feel compelled to do an attention-grabbing lap dance at your age, please make sure no one is filming it. 

Do you think Blakeley is too old for this behavior?



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