Former ‘Bachelor’ Jake Pavelka’s New Stripper Gig Is Super Depressing

jake pavelkaAnd this is why you don't ever go on The Bachelor. You end up doing stuff like this to make money, and everyone feels sorry for you. It's depressing. Jake Pavelka, the former Bachelor who fell for Vienna then verbally attacked her during a reunion show on national TV, has a new, not-so-awesome job. TMZ reports that the pilot-turned-C-list-celeb has a hosting gig at Chippendale's in Las Vegas.

He'll begin his gig at the Rio Hotel and Casino on February 23, which basically means he's only got a week or two left before his life does a downward spiral into unending despair, douchery, and self-loathing.

I'm almost starting to feel sorry for the guy. This job is just so sad.


He won't be a dancer in the show, he'll just emcee it, but in some ways that's almost worse. I mean, announcing shirtless male dancers as they take the greasy stage in front of giggling, drunk 50-something women? Kill me now.

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Jake's following in the footsteps of other lame celebs like the dorky guy with glasses from 98 Degrees and Ronnie from the Jersey Shore who were previously dishonored to host the Chippendale's show. Word has it, though, that Jake's getting the star treatment -- he'll have his own dressing room and everything! -- but putting lipstick on this pig won't help anything here. It's too far gone.

I hope the new Bachelorette Emily takes note. I don't think she made the right choice to go back on the show and I hope she sees the kind of things Jake's now doing to pay the bills and realizes that she made a huge mistake, signing her soul over to the devil like she did, and backs out. Save yourself, Emily! I like her too much to see her hosting some awful and cheesy Vegas strip show.

We've already lost Jake to the dark side -- Emily better not be next.

What do you think of Jake's new job?


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