Paula Abdul’s Return to ‘X Factor’ Is Only a Matter of Time

Paula Abdul and Simon CowellIf you were deeply saddened by the news that Paula Abdul was let go from X Factor, a new interview with Simon Cowell might perk you up. In a rare moment of candid humility, Cowell actually admitted to Extra that he blames himself for having to let her go because he set unreasonable expectations for the show (remember him bragging about 20 million viewers?) and then had no choice but to fire her. Is your jaw on the floor, yet? Because wait ... there's more! He also said:

I would've liked to have kept [Paula]. She was very gracious, and I said that to her. She understands it's business; it's never personal.

Folks, I think it's pretty clear what's happening here, don't you?


Cowell is setting the stage for Paula's inevitable return!

Now, I may just be another rabid, obsessed X Factor fan reading too much into Cowell's sly statements, but I really think there's something to this. To anyone who's seen even only a few minutes of X Factor, it's clear that Paula was a favorite judge: She contributed smart feedback and was genuinely intent on helping all of the contestants improve and be successful. Not only that but she was the only judge who was consistently compassionate to the contestants. Do you remember when little Rachel Crow was eliminated, and Paula rushed up onstage to comfort her as she sobbed? My heart! It broke almost!

And then of course there's Paula's constant flirty banter with Cowell and the "will they or won't they" vibe the two have given off in all the years of working together. Cowell knows that his dynamic with Paula plays a major role in hooking viewers in. Are we going to have to watch Cowell trade teasing jabs with Mariah? Er, thanks, but no thanks.

Of course, for the time being -- at least as far as this season is concerned -- we'll have to listen to speculations about Katy Perry and Beyonce as potential judges. But I have faith that Cowell reassuring us that he and Abdul didn't part ways in anger is actually his way of hinting that it's only a matter of time before we see her by his side again.

Who do you think should judge The X Factor?


Image via The X Factor

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