'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Needs an 'Atta Girl' Sometimes

Jenelle Evans is by far the most messed up of all the teen moms on MTV's Teen Mom, but she is trying to make her life better. She has a new boyfriend and is in school to become a medical assistant. And yet, people are STILL riding her. It's really unfair.

Evans must have fallen in with a bad crowd at some point in her life. While she has made a lot of mistakes, she is also really trying now and that ought to count for something. The fact is she is a shining example of why people should not have children (by and large) when they are still children.

But Jenelle is TRYING to grow up. Not everyone is going to be Maci Bookout, people. Ease up on the girl!


Personally, I find it very heartening that Jenelle is making these changes and it would be nice if people would support her endeavors rather than judge them. After all, she is trying to make a difference in order to improve her own life and Jace's. That's a lot better than many who started where she did, no?

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There is something addictive in criticizing these teen mothers. It's as though it makes us somehow better to do so. But it doesn't and, in this case, Jenelle is doing the right thing. So why is everyone making her feel otherwise?

Sure, the obvious answer is she has messed up so many other opportunities in the past. Lord knows, she has. But she also has done some things right and, in the end, Jenelle's heart IS in the right place.

She wants a better future for herself and her son. She wants to actually act like his mom. Is that such a bad thing?

Let's give Jenelle some credit here. She may not be the perfect mom (or daughter or grown-up), but she deserves support as she attempts to put her life back into place.

Do you think Jenelle will always mess up?


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