'The River' Will Suck 'Lost' Fans Right In

After watching the two-hour premiere of The River last night on ABC, I think it's safe to say that I'm pretty well sucked in. I mean, you gotta love a show that gets your wheels turning and keeps you guessing right from the start. The River totally delivered, and I went to bed content with the fact that I didn't waste two hours of my Tuesday night watching something dull and completely lame.

The River is one of those shows where you sit there glued to your television set, trying to figure out the mystery of the plot and what the big twist in the story is. Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so too. The whole idea behind The River is similar to Lost, and there is definitely the potential for it to produce the same kind of cult following. Let's just hope that The River doesn't turn out to be as weird. Lost kind of, well, lost me after the first season.


You can't help but wonder if ABC is counting on The River to scoop up all the Lost fans who didn't know what to do with themselves after the show ended. People actually cried when Lost was over. For real. And The River may be just the thing to fill their void.

Even though Lost was centered around a plane crash and The River is centered around, well, a boat on the Amazon, both shows leave viewers asking similar questions. For The River, the big mystery is what happened to Emmet Cole, who is sort of a Steve Irwin-esque kind of character in that he spent his life documenting his adventures on a reality TV show. Questions that can be raised surrounding where Emmet and the crew of his ship, the Magus, went are just so similar to those raised by Lost. Are the people looking for Emmet & his crew actually dead? Are they in purgatory? Were they abducted by aliens? Is this all just some big nightmare that the lead character, Lincoln, who happens to be Emmet's son, will wake up from? Watching clues unfold each week as to what is really going on is definitely going to be interesting.

Of course, the biggest question on my mind while watching the show was whether or not one of the men will wind up with penis fish after swimming in the Amazon. I doubt that one ever came up on Lost.

Did you get sucked into The River last night?


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