'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jo & Kailyn Are Making a HUGE Co-Parenting Mistake

This episode of Teen Mom 2 was one of the saddest this season. Jenelle headed off to rehab, Leah filed for divorce, and Chelsea fought with Adam (big surprise there).

The Leah and Corey break-up has been expected all season. Anyone who keeps up with the tabloids knows where these two were headed, but it doesn't make it any easier to watch. Leah's heart was visibly broken and knowing that their family is being broken apart is almost too sad to watch. Why is this on TV?

Jenelle also made some big changes in this episode. She decided to go off to rehab, and for the first time since we met Jenelle and her mom Barbara, her mom cried and seemed to love her. Is that what it takes to finally express love for her child?

Of course, even amidst a crazy and sad episode, the Kailyn and Jo drama was the highlight of the night.


After months of bickering and going back and forth over custody issues and dating and child support, these two were looking awfully cozy on this episode. Jordan, Kailyn's boyfriend, said he didn't like it, but Kailyn allowed Jo to come over and be alone with her and Isaac anyway.

Even though I see Jordan's point, the fact is Kailyn and Jo DO share a major connection and they will forever. This amicable pairing actually helped Jo decide he would give up the child support fight, which can only be good for Isaac in the end.

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But what happened with these two at the end of the night? It was heavily implied that the parents who have been unable to get along for the past season suddenly "went too far" once they were alone together. Why would they do that?

It makes sense in many ways. When you are together so long, you do maintain feelings like that, especially when you share such a huge bond, and is there anything more bonding than a child? But realistically, these two didn't work before. And they won't work now.

They are FINALLY getting along, which is the best thing for their son. So why would they mess it all up by getting physical again? It will only confuse all their issues and raise the drama. And all of this is just when I started thinking Kailyn was the coolest of the bunch.

It's great for split parents to get along and talk and even be friends, but sex is a massive no-no. These two just messed up any progress they may have made and for no good reason.

It was a heartbreaking episode in every sense of the word. Watching people make horrible messes of their lives is really uncomfortable and sad to watch. Thanks to this show, we get a front row seat.

Do you think Kailyn made a mistake with Jo?


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