'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Knows Nothing About Love

When is ABC's show The Bachelor ever going to stop pretending it is about "love"? Monday night was a huge exercise in furthering this lie when they accused Casey S., the pretty blond "trader," of still being in "love" with her ex and thus not opening up to Ben Flajnik.

Did anyone else find this to be a load of hogwash? Casey S. may very well have still had ties to other men, but my guess is that is true of most of the women on the show. It is true in real life, too. Even in my life, I started dating my current husband while I was still dating another man with whom I was supposed to be in love.

Love does not preclude love, no matter how much Chris Harrison wants it to. The real reason Casey S. left was because she was not falling in love with BEN, but the show wanted drama, natch.


The idea that being in love with someone else stops you from falling in love with another is antiquated and ludicrous. People fall in love with two people at the same time every single day.

If Casey S. really liked Ben (and he really liked her), she would have "opened up" to him and they would have been able to move forward.

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The show is getting a bit ridiculous, but their "rules" about love are absurd. This show has almost nothing to do with love and everything to do with ratings. If two people happen to actually fall in love (Trista and Ryan, for instance), then it is not the fault of the show, but a coincidence of circumstance, ie. when you put 30 gorgeous single people together, someone is bound to develop feelings.

There is little more to this. Casey S. dodged a bullet since this show is such a lie in general. But did anyone buy this idea that you can't be in love with two people?

Sure, there are "rebounds" but this was no rebound. Case could have fallen in love if there was something there. Haven't entire movies been made about people being in love with two people at once? Is it really so shocking?

The whole thing stinks of pandering for ratings. Casey could have powered through and won had there been anything there. There wasn't. But to send her home crying in a limo claiming it was because she "still had feelings" for another is just ridiculous.

Love is not stopped by confusion or loving someone else. It IS possible to love two people at once and even to get over a love while loving someone else.

Do you think it is possible to love two people at once?


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